With billions of downloads to its name, the Apple App Store is approaching its landmark fifth year anniversary later this week. To commemorate this milestone, the giant Apple and its affiliates are giving out a variety of paid apps for free! Most notably for EDM, Native Instruments‘ Traktor DJ app will completely free for a short time! Normally retailing at $19.99 on iPad and 4.99 for the iPhone this is deal is a no-brainer.

While probably not the most comprehensive utility for established DJ’s, Traktor iOS is a fun app that could be used for trying a transition that you may have dreamed up away from your mixer or just  for messing about. Also, if you can’t afford the flagship S4, or S2 controller, it might be a fun way to get acclimated to the Traktor interface. Without its usual price tag, there’s really nothing to lose. So head on over to the app store and grab your copy right now, this offer obviously won’t last for long. Native Instruments‘ Z1 micro controller just hit stores recently so be sure to check that out as well while you’re at it!


Check out the app on the Apple App Store