The natural and spiraling career of a musician is always a fascinating, phenomenal journey to witness first hand. Many factors, such as influences, collaborations and the natural progression of music over time help create the vast odyssey that these hard working individuals go through. With our fast paced world of EDM, this concept is accentuated with new technological innovations, different cultural perspectives and accessible sharing of ideas. Throughout this journey, musicians go through ‘phases’ in their career and now, we are able to see these changes occur in real time. It’s no surprise that producers are always on the hunt for new musical possibilities and they will eventually change their personal sound to match what best describes them. The reason that this idea is being mentioned is because there has recently been a sense of crossroads for Swiss Progressive House producer, EDX in terms of his sound; a fork in the road of sorts. In the past, he has always been known as the champion of Summer tunes, as his insatiable Progressive melodies have stood the test of time.

However, musicians must progress, and his sound has gradually shifted into the Progressive House that is currently blown up here in America. Such examples include his singles This Is Your Life and Give It Up For Love as well as his side project, Helvetic Nerds. What is different about EDX‘s path is that he has recently brought back his old Progressive plug in for his singles Touched and Blessed, as well as his remix to Cazzette‘s Weapon; and all three have been immediate successes upon release. So at this point, he has now approached the crossroads. On one hand, his desire to pursue new sounds has him producing great Progressive House; on the other hand, his passion for beautiful Summer Progressive is an integral part of him and one that is a very special niche in EDM. So where does he go from here? The answer is his brand new single entitled Hazed. What is so brilliant about this single is that instead of choosing a side to focus on, EDX takes a bold and risky chance. He rejects all industry standards and combines the two with a dash of Dubstep thrown in to create a visionary work of art that completely floors the competition with raw originality.



Hazed starts with EDX‘s most iconic Progressive synth, as it’s eccentric triplet feel conjures feelings of summertime. As a brave synth emotes a gorgeous melody, the percussion decides to go into 4/4, creating a fantastic contrast between 3/4 and 4/4. Full force Progressive House melodies sneak into the fold as each passing phrase builds up the energy to a breaking point before retreating again, (a subtle nod to the flowing nature of cascading ocean waves, perhaps?). The energy reaches a fever pitch as the drop completely flips the track on its head. Pulling some heavy hitting Electro synths into the mix, it is greeted by a swirling mixture of both Progressive and Progressive House anthem melodies. Some adventurous Dubstep elements are thrown in as well as each of the three genres flip through, against and on top of each other, creating this beautiful array of sounds reminiscent of the disappearing genre of Complextro. But while Complextro had a certain sound to it, it is combining the fast paced nature of Complextro with melodies and harmonies of many different influences. The result is something that transcends quality and is on route for one of the best Progressive House tracks of the year.

Hazed is a very special track for me personally, simply because the industry is heading along the route of what the movie and video game industries are heading into. Because there is so much at stake for those two industries every time a release comes out, many people opt to stay on the safe side and make what works (and more importantly, what makes the most money to stay alive and relevant). Many current artists are following this route, opting for swelling basskicks and blaring, rhythmic synths instead of actually creating something fresh and wonderful. When creativity and a desire for instant success is paired with music production, it results in low quality tunes that are largely forgettable. However, EDX has actually created something, truly morphing sounds into music that hasn’t ever been heard before. Hazed is the perfect example on how to incorporate different musical ideas from different musical genres to create pure, unbridled magic. While some may lament on his Dubstep additions, it is a move into unfamiliar territory that could signify the next step into his career. Whatever his next step may be, the future is certainly looking brighter for the path that EDX has chosen.


EDX‘s mighty new single, Hazed, is out now on PinkStar Records on Beatport, so make sure you grab your copy today.




Editors note: Apologies if this review seemed too long, but there was a lot of different thoughts running around my head for this release and I feel that if people read this, it may influence other artists to take a chance and create something new that can make the music that we all enjoy so much better in the future.


Keep the music alive. -Q