July 15th is finally here and so is Karetus’ highly anticipated Rave On! EP. After listening to the whole EP, one thing I know for sure is that this young Portuguese duo’s productions have matured significantly since their first EP was released last summer. The first track of the release, ‘Rave On!‘, is a high energy electro-house tune with an massive dubstep breakdown smack dab in the middle of it.  The next track, entitled ‘Fbeats,’ is a midtempo tune that shows off funkier and glitchier side of Karetus’ sound; this track, along with ‘Rave On!,’ are definitely my favorites off of the EP. The third song off the EP, ‘Knock You Out,’ is very trap-influenced and is probably my least favorite track; it’s not that I don’t like trap, I really do, but I definitely had a hard time appreciating it within in the context of this particular song and the EP as a whole. The final song of the release, ‘Acid,’ is an electro-house track featuring pounding tribal drum patterns and a punchy repeating bassline; I definitely like this track, but not nearly as much as I like the first two tracks off the EP, which are a bit groovier. While their Rave On! EP doesn’t really do anything that innovative, Karetus accomplished exactly what they set out to do with this EP, which was to showcase their versatility within the different styles of Bass Music, and it definitely does that incredibly well.