Disciple Recordings, although still in its infancy, has wasted no time jumping to the forefront of electronic dance music. With releases from Dodge & Fuski and Pegboard Nerds under their belt, Disciple Recordings is destined to continue their stream of quality content with the release of Astronaut‘s Apollo EP. Almost three years in the making, Astronaut‘s forthcoming effort masterfully fuses aspects of funk, complextro and disco which upon listening will challenge even the tamest individual to remain seated. Along with the EP, Astronaut has also constructed an animation project that takes form as a series of music videos. Each video continues on from the previous, and when put together form a full length film depicting the story of the protagonist, Apollo, and the lost city of Atlantis. The Apollo EP is set to launch on July 22nd but until then make sure to stream the previews below and check out the animated series trailer. Enjoy!