Continuing on a firey hot streak throughout the Trance world, Darren Porter‘s name has been burning through many DJ sets and radio shows throughout the world. His tracks have been constantly frequented by A-Listers such as Armin van Buuren, Manuel Le Saux, Mark Sherry and more. Beginning as a film score producer, his vast knowledge of both infectious melodies and intricate technical skills has catapulted his production skills among some of the best musicians today.  His mature, fierce sound have brought about some of the best tracks in Uplifting today, and he is one of the very few artists who can delicately balance the pure beauty of Trance with the heavy, club oriented energy that a track needs to be successful on the floor. After his wonderfully charming single, Spellbound and his hopeful remix to Daniel Vitellaro‘s Bringing New Life, Porter rolls up his sleeves and gets to work on a fantastic remix to Dreamy‘s new single, As It Was Meant To Be. Dreamy is a part of the softer, yet more emotional side of Trance and many of his works perfectly captures the emotional human spirit into music. Porter takes the Original and creates a whirlwind of euphoria and bliss, perfect for any dedicated fan who desires the purer forms of Trance.


Interestingly enough, Darren Porter takes a big risk in his remix by changing up the bassline into a great interpretation of Psy Trance. His basslines slam pure, chaotic energy into fifth gear and its unique, liquid-esque quality serves as an innovative way to keep the entire production nice and cleanly executed. His additions of flowing atmospheres, vocal timbres and deep synths provide a versatile contrast between the Psy bass, Techno hi-hats and the luscious, lamenting vocals stating, ‘As it was meant to be‘. The breakdown features some fascinating experimentation with timbral choices, as the choir seems as if it was a live recording rather than computerized voicings. This only heightens the intimacy and intrinsic delicacy of the surrounding atmosphere as a beautiful, fragile guitar breaks the soundscape with a simple, yet highly effective melody. Not wasting any time, Darren pushes the buildup in a rather frantic manner as his unstable, rising synths and agitated drums rises the energy to a burning point. What results is a mighty melody, one that is composed of the lamentations of the singer and of the heartfelt loss of a loved one who is now gone from her life. The addition of a simple, yet somber piano carrying a weeping melody is the perfect subtlety needed to complete the package.

Darren Porter‘s remix to Dreamy‘s upcoming single, As It Was Meant To Be, will be available soon on the quality driven Abora Recordings, so make sure you mark your calenders to purchase this fantastic piece soon.


Keep the music alive. -Q