After being tossed around on the Internet what feels like an eternity now, TJR‘s long awaited “What’s Up Suckaz” is coming. Featuring the unmistakable TJR sound, the California based producer put up a joke preview a few months ago. Now as the dog days of summer are in full swing, the time is right for this bouncy record to hit the airwaves via Rising Music. To put it simply, “What’s Up Suckaz” is a fun track. Much like his #1 Beatport hit “Ode to Oi“, this one is designed to rock the dance floor with its tantalizing leads and basses, plus an ample amount of white noise. TJR‘s “What’s Up Suckaz” is set to take over the Beatport charts much like “Ode to Oi” and “Funky Vodka” when it drops on the 22nd.