Equal parts intoxicating and refreshing, Breach‘s major breakout hit record “Jack” gets a much deserved remix package- but does it live up to the original though?

The first remix is from brilliant liquid drum & bass artist Calibre. With such a well known name from the scene manning the remix, it seems it would be hard to make a mess of it. Unfortunately, the production prowess of Calibre is undermined by the vocal hook of “Jack“. The vocals which had originally lined up properly on the beat in a house setting, just sounds off when put to the speed of drum & bass. Hearing is believing to explain this one, and it is especially unfortunate to see drum & bass getting the short end of the stick on the remix package. Nevertheless, some bedroom producer will give “Jack” the proper care it deserves.

The other remix is a tech offering by Mak & Pasteman, which also does not really do much different from the original. To put it simply, this remix is taking Breach‘s Dirtybird dub sounds from “Jack” and stripping it down to pure tech through and through. There is a fine line that many tech house tracks walk, between tantalizing and mediocrity. Since the genre is built around the sensibilities of techno’s bare bones nature, it requires a little special something to make it a well done work and still hold true to its roots. Mak & Pasteman did not deliver on this end, putting together a rather boring remix, which is a shame considering “Jack” is such a hot record at the moment. There is also a “Jackapella” version included in the package, giving the vocal stems away for producers and DJs to try their hand at manipulating the vocals.

The Jack” remixes are now available here on Beatport.