Since the release of the critically acclaimed album, Random Access Memories, (and even weeks before that), Daft Punk‘s newest single, Get Lucky has been storming through the airwaves both in the world of EDM and into the seas of Pop Culture. As a Daft Punk single, Get Lucky has been remixed or reworked to the tens of hundreds as every artist on board wants to be a part of this track’s legacy. Few actually make good renditions, but Morgan Page has risen up to the challenge to deliver a storming, club ready rendition to dominate dance floors. Page, of course, is known for his high energy sets and his euphoric productions and is often seen billed on many festivals each year. For his rendition, he takes a rare Progressive House gem from producers Mor Avrahami & Elkana Paz with their single of 2ME and creates an amazing array of high energy melodies that fit perfectly with the vocals of Get Lucky. The drop is fresh and interesting, as it brings roaring, crushing Big Room synths to create a complete, hardcore release that is hand crafted for peak time moments. And to be extra generous, Mr. Page has included a free download as well! Click on the link below to get your free copy.