On this week’s Unsung Heroes, we take a look at a true veteran of the Trance scene and witness the ferocious, seldom seen side of his reckless side-alias. Situated in the United Kingdom, (which seems to be an exceptional hotspot for constant excellence in the Trance scene), Lange career is full of honorable accolades and has quickly risen to become one of the scene’s respected leaders. His discography is expansive, as he has released a plethora of quality albums, singles and EP’s and has been granted the hard earned success that takes many years to accomplish. He has produced over 20 singles that have hit the UK’s Top 40 charts and has internationally performed in some of the biggest arenas around the globe (as well as having enough time and experience to dabble into film scoring). Working alongside esteemed Trance artists such as Andy Moor, Gareth Emery and Armin van Buuren, his beautiful Pure Trance sound, alongside his unparalleled production skills, have made him a rare technical artist that produces pure gold with every single release.

However, things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows in the vast world of Lange. While he is most known for many of his softer, more euphoric releases, he secretly has a mean streak quietly tucked away in his sleeve. This other side of him is raw and edgy, throwing away the soothing, flowing melodies for some gritty razor blades and machine guns. A couple of years ago, this otherworldly side of Lange was shown to the world with his brand new alias of LNG (or Lange for short). LNG had only crafted a sparse handful of releases, but each LNG track had exceptional high quality stamped all over it. In his LNG state, he slows down the tempo while introducing some grating tech elements into the mix, opting for the concept of furious, unwavering drive rather than gentler timbres and close knit orchestration. After the heavily crafted melodic single of Brandalism, Lange appears from left field with a devastating single entitled Harmony Will Kick You In The Ass. Just as the name suggests, the track is a hair raising roller coaster ride that will rough you up, shove you to the floor and kick you while you are down.



LNG treks off the beaten path by grabbing machetes and cutting a path into new territory, exploring the intricate specialty of Tech Trance. While many fans know what Tech Trance entails with the faster BPM’s, it is quite rare (and quite exhilarating) when an artist dares to enter the slower, brutal realms of Tech. Harmony starts with Lange‘s signature synths in a repeating ostenato amidst a bouncy bassline, accompanying synths and and delicious experiments in timbre design.  Cleanly transferring the melody to the smooth, confident bassline, a wild vocal timbre slices through the orchestration as the entire phrase focuses on the ever increasing energy release that radiates throughout its tech induced nature. The breakdown features the eye of the storm, with thick, luscious chords facing towering tribal drums and subtle, but necessary percussion to fill in the cracks. Lange then slowly unleashes pure sound evil with the repeating chords of the breakdown, as a faint, but jarring bassline slowly comes into play. A ripping, liquid-esque bassline roars on through the drop, devouring the energy in one bellowing swoop as brilliantly advanced timbres brings technical support to the wicked bassline. The sub is particularly brutal, as its pitch bending sends listeners on a mental ride of chaotic torture, which becomes a jubilant delight to dancers everywhere.

LNG‘s single, Harmony Will Kick You In The Ass, is now available on Magic Muzik on Beatport, so make sure you buy this incredibly rare gem today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/350975/Lange%20presents%20LNG%20-%20Harmony%20Will%20Kick%20You%20In%20The%20Ass


Unsung Heroes is a weekly segment where we take a look back at an amazing production and bring it back into the light for older and newer fans alike. These tracks were often overlooked, overshadowed by a huge release or are just not that well known to the public here in America. Here, you can find all the hidden gems in many genres and find a new favorite track (or another tool/weapon for aspiring DJ’s).