Rapidly becoming a part of the ever prevalent New Guard of Trance, Thomas Jacobson, or otherwise known by his alias, Jaco, has been a silent, but courageous Progressive Trance producer who has time and time again created some truly fantastic musical possibilities. Hailing from Norway, he is an up and coming producer who is still on the first part of his soon to be decorated career and his pure, almost innocent tone to each of his pieces has reminded people of a certain fact that many have forgotten: the delicate and magical wonders that music from the heart can produce. Jaco has been a champion in both his production skills and his overall orchestration, as his serene releases, (such as his collaboration with Sequentia on Crossfire and his Original single, Sparkle), have created a wonderfully tinted world of care free melodies and caressing, gentle harmonies that whisk back and forth like the waves of the ocean. Jaco however, is not a beginner in any way, shape or form, as his latest releases of his remix to Nick Arbor & Alana Aldea‘s World’s Beneath Me and his single of Screw It showcases the Big Room power that Jaco has in store. However, for his latest release of Dam Square, he returns to his softer Progressive Trance roots and creates a beautiful, beachside tune that breathes hope and wonder through the entire genre of Trance.



Dam Square starts off nice and punchy, featuring a gritty, but low key bassline; wild horn-sounds and pointilism-esque synths¬† permeating the phrase. The hi-hats neatly ties everything together with a bow as an accompanying sixteenth note line and claps create a great contrast between the order of the percussion and the disorderly conduct of the sounds residing inside. The breakdown slows everything down with the faint whispers of a female vocal timbre as a lone, soloist piano releases clarity and depth to the vast space that resides in the piece. As faint bass brings forth the melody like a soft, barely felt breeze, the vocalist returns with soothing accompaniment that bring thoughts of safety and harmony throughout Jaco‘s wonderfully crafted atmosphere. It is cut short with expansive Progressive Trance chords that boast a high degree of musical theory knowledge, creating some unusual (but emotional) chords such as Major 7th’s and high degrees of flowing, but crunchy clashing of note choices. The drop consists of the elegant melody line proclaiming its peaceful message amidst minimalistic percussion, luscious pads and the return of the gorgeously smooth piano line. Although it is simple, it reminds us just how music can be gateways to other worlds and emotions, and his expertly crafted melodies tells a story into the hopeful mind of Jaco.

Jaco‘s new single, Dam Square, is out now on Enhanced Music on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this angelic mix of Progressive trance today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport:  http://www.beatport.com/release/dam-square/1132764