We were all so ecstatic to see Daft Punk appear on The Colbert Report; and then so crushed when they couldn’t appear because of their scheduled surprise appearance at the VMAs. Soon after their no show appearance we learned that if Daft Punk were to perform/ appear on The Colbert Report, it would supposedly, “breach their┬ácontractual obligation with MTV“. Well new information has surfaced from the executive producer of the VMAs, Jesse Ignjatovic, that dismisses all of the above. Ignjatovic told The Hollywood Reporter:

We don’t put restrictions on anyone. I just think that we’re talking to them about a moment and then things sort of change. I would not describe that as MTV putting restrictions on people; it was up to that artist and their management what they wanted to do.

It seems the VMAs had no problem or concerns with the duo appearing on The Colbert Report prior to their appearance on the VMAs. Based upon the VMAs executive producer Jesse Ignjatovic’s claim, no pressure was put on Daft Punk for their performance, it was either the management or the artists themselves that wanted out of their appearance on The Colbert Report.

Source: Pitchfork