Las Vegas is quickly becoming a hot spot for the dance music scene. Lavish clubs, paying DJs unheard of amounts of money, are making Vegas a dance music mecca. Tiesto is one of the superstar DJs that is calling Las Vegas home this Summer. Abandoning the sand and sea of Ibiza to take a residency at MGM Grand’s “mega club” Hakkasan, Tiesto says “It’s not just about the money.”

For Tiesto it is more about the idea of a new adventure, a new environment, a new generation of electronic music lovers. “I didn’t move to Las Vegas for the money, that would have been crazy,” he said, “I don’t even need that money. For me it’s more like a challenge. It’s a new generation out there, dance music is blowing up big and it’s a new culture.

He says that, compared to Ibiza, Las Vegas is much more welcoming. When you come to Las Vegas, they welcome you with open arms,” Tiesto said. “Whatever you need, they’ll make it happen. When I go to Ibiza, I don’t even meet the owners of the club. You don’t meet anybody. The attitude is ‘whatever’. They don’t really care that much.”

via InTheMix