In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Deadmau5 expressed his views on the future of EDM, and what the industry’s current problems are. Deadmau5 went into detail on the effects of the ‘hive mentality’, and why EDM is not here to stay forever. Although he does not predict the decline for several more years, he also took time to address the problem with the industry’s current state:

I think a big problem with EDM right now – and I mean right now, I don’t mean fucking last year or two years ago, I mean right fucking now – is that there’s a lot of safe betters and they all want to do this safe bet thing. And that’s [what] will kill it off before anything. And it’s not the listener’s fault and it’s not the producers’ fault. You guys can go back and forth all you want about how ‘We always have to make the same music because it’s popular, it’s what the kids want.’ The kids are like ‘Can you stop making the same fucking shit over and over again?’ You’re never going to win that argument. The responsibility is the risk-taking to start pushing it.

Deadmau5 also went on to explain why Skrillex and Avicii are great example of ‘risk takers’ in the EDM scene:

“Look at Skrillex. He took a bit of a fucking risk on the brostep thing and that had this thing that had momentum and now it’s… I’m not saying that that’s going to be around forever, either, because that got tired pretty quick, too. But at least it was a Plan B in the same vein. And everyone’s got their own Plan B. Avicii’s taking risks. That’s actually admirable. I’m not going to fucking shut the kid down for making something completely fucking different because that’s actually what you need to do with music right now.”

And right he is. The stagnation that some fans are frustrated with is simply the lack of artists taking risks, or if they are, not correctly exposing their fans to it. With more money and more people pouring into the EDM industry, the desire to do what is a known formula for EDM success is in fact, endangering the future of the industry. You can read the full interview (HERE) and as always, let us know what you think!