One of the more highly anticipated albums to be released in the second half of the year, Kaskade’s Atmosphere, is described by the American producer himself as his “most personal album to date”. Titled after the recent emotional single and hit, this album will include a variety of tones and melodies that might take some fans by surprise. Kaskade said the following to In The Mix:

“If I was to squash Fire & Ice into a single rather than a double album, it might have sounded like this.”

In a recent interview with Hollywood Access, Ryan Raddon, more popularly known as Kaskade, discussed the increasing popularity of EDM with acts selling out Madison Square Garden in minutes, and its increasing importance at the Grammy’s. He then goes on to discuss his impending 8th album, going over the limited sales delivered by physical copies (only 10% are sold as discs) and how there is more and more “sharing going on”. You can watch the full interview here: