Some unfortunate events surpassed the excitement of the final day of the Shambhala Music Festival. The Director of Public Safety at Shambhala announced that Monday the 12th whilst a security guard was on a duty she was given a “SEALED” bottle of water that contained a high concentration of GHB and LSD. It is reported she was immediately rushed to Shambhala’s medical facility to receive “acute medical care”. The Director reported, “if not for our medical team, we are not certain what the outcome might have been”.

Now after the incident has came and passed the Shambhala investigation team is reaching out to its community for details on the tragic experience. “If you or anyone you know, knows who passed this bottle of water to the guard please do the right thing and come forward with the information. We don’t care how the information gets to us”, says the Director of Public Safety at Shambhala Music Festival.

If you attended this event and have any information about this incident, Shambhala officials have asked you to come forward and report any information to them here.