What are the ingredients for a proper house party, pun intended? The typical list includes the beverages, the friends, the music, exactly what anyone would expect. So the next question is, how do you have an unforgettable house party? The recipe for success at this level does not take much to uncover, look no further than Destructo at Emily’s house this past week in Boston. Dropping the likes of Adam Beyer, Darius Syrossian and Nora En Pure, the HARD Events founder spun over an hour of delectable house music. The fun was sure to continue, until the Boston Police shows up to shut off the party. The arrival of the police can be heard at 1:17:18 in the live mix below, with one officer saying “I’ll take it with me as evidence and it will be in a fucking roach-infested basement for about a year”. Yikes. This being said, having the police show up at your house party featuring Destructo just goes to show how rocking the evening was. The law enforcement intervention is no deterrent to Destructo either, he is intending to do future parties in peoples’ living rooms, locale yet to be determined. To hear the whole mix plus the police at the end, take a listen after the jump.