In case you weren’t aware, Deadmau5 is quite the fan of the decades old Space Invaders. But regardless of whether you knew this or not, it may come as a surprise that Deadmau5 has signed a rather lucrative merchandise deal with Square Enix Ltd. who own the Space Invaders franchise.

This will be the first of it’s kind. The original rather brilliant Spin article have speculated that this could mean Deadmau5 will provide soundtracks to upcoming Space Invaders games and plenty of Space Invaders visuals at his concerts. It may also mean even more Space Invaders tattoos, which will create the world’s first living and breathing advertisement.

In the press release it was revealed that the Vice President of Licensing for Live Nation Merchandise, Janet Dwoskin, said: “Deadmau5 is the most popular electronic music artist and Space Invaders are the most recognized video game characters. Bringing them together is more than a collaboration, it is a revolution in popular culture.”

Strong words for a game nearly as old as the combined age of the Disclosure brothers.

So it doesn’t matter what you think about the new deal and other corporations looking to capitalize on EDM, Deadmau5 Space Invaders merchandise is heading your way, regardless of whether you’ll buy it or not.