With their highly anticipated debut album Different Sides of the Sun due out September 2nd, Hot Natured has graced us with a five track teaser. While “Isis” was premiered over a month ago now, the rest of the album has been sitting locked away in an Egyptian tomb. The wait is over though, and five songs from the new album were compiled together into a short five minute mix.
The first track “Operate” features a sample you may recognize from a dance classic if you listen closely. The backing percussion of “Operate” was originally the introduction of “Vapor Trail” by The Crystal Method, harkening back to their 1997 acid epic Vegas.
Next up is “Tightrope“, merging the vocals of Ali Love and a simple yet addicting lead melody into one coherent package. The chorus of “Don’t stand still when we’re dancing” sounds great over top of the disco strings that come in seamlessly from behind.
The third track “Alternate State” features guest vocalist Roisin Murphy, and this track reminds of Disclosure in many ways. What makes this one so danceable is the shuffle of the hats against the claps that come in later on. This track does not have much power behind it, which is saying something considering deep house, but the hats are a great touch.
Take You There” is the most psychedelic of these five because of the pads during the introduction. Ali Love returns on this one, but the extra backup vocals is what makes the singing on this track a tad better than on “Tightrope“. When the chorus comes in a short time later, even Daft Punk might be jealous.
Mercury Rising” brings back Anabel Englund, who was the guest singer on Hot Natured‘s “Reverse Skydiving“. The group decided to throw in a filtered arpeggiator behind Anabel’s soulful vocals on this track alongside some of the prettiest synths of 2013. Ali Love and Anabel Englund have a small duet during the chorus, if only there was more collaboration between the singers on the other songs, but there are still more to be heard.

Your EDM will bring you a review of the whole album Different Sides of the Sun when it drops this September. For the meantime, check the five minute preview mix after the jump.