After a short absence, Deadmau5 has returned and uploaded 5 crisp new tracks to his SoundCloud. They come in the form of the usual bizarre song titles, brilliantly low key ambience and the metallic reworking of a familiar friend.

The first is Nyquist which appears to be named after the Swede Harry Nyquist who contributed to the communication theory. Faxing Berlin anyone? Well, not exactly. It’s a beautiful ambient affair, with crunchy percussion and piano chords that are just plain lovely.

Errors In My Head uses the unmistakable vocals of Haley from the Kaskade collaboration I Remember. Although some of the track’s tropes can be heard through the chords and bridge, Deadmau5 has gone for a more metallic sound which sets the scene for the next tracks.

This sound is carried through to Erorrs In My Bread which has been aptly labelled NoVocalStep. The absence of Haley is replaced with crunchy rising synths which create a sound even Boards of Canada would be proud of.

Erorrs In My Bread also features dark whispering vocals and appear to be the sound Deadmau5 was looking for, for they remain in his next uploads. Terrors In My Bed briefly ups the tempo by featuring livelier percussion and bass but still maintains the same dark atmosphere with soft textures and those vocals.

Finally Sparrows Made Of Lead appears to be the culmination of Deadmau5’s journey. It carries on where Terrors… left off by maintaining the livelier percussion and increasing the track length gratuitously. It features those vocals which whisper, “Wake up… Today’s gonna be the best day of your life!” before the piano chords from I Remember melt in. It sounds incredible.

So. From Nyquist to Sparrows of Lead, Deadmau5 has pulled off quite an amazing feat. The new uploads don’t sound like 5 separate tracks, they sound like movements that comprise some great composition. Different themes are carried and introduced through each track before it all comes together in what appears to be the final upload. Yes, this is an exaggeration but you should give it a listen. It’s rather quite lovely.