One of the most famed DJs in the world Erick Morillo took a hiatus from his career to get clean. Morillo thought it was his best interest to take a break and step back from the party lifestyle and come to grips with his situation. He returned to the world stage in mid August, dropping the track “Addicted” featuring the vocals of Shawnee Taylor. Prepping the remixes for “Addicted” took no time at all, with the Armand Pena remix rolling out now. His remix turns “Addicted” into a true club oriented dance floor filler, with bold percussive elements and tantalizing synthplay. This track is leaning towards the tech end of the spectrum, but there is enough going on during the record to keep non-technoheads entertained.

This is a name to become familiar with if you are not already, Armand Pena along with Harry Romero and Roland Clark are making waves with “I Get Droned” currently. This other release just dropped on Steve Angello‘s young X label. Seeing as these two tracks are releasing a day apart, looks like Armand Pena has a fresh arsenal of tracks for his fans. We’re just excited to see what comes next. Get Armand Pena‘s remix of “Addicted” by Erick Morillo here on Beatport.