Marked as the 50th release on Skrillex’s label OWSLA, Kill the Noise’s Black Magic Remixes has finally arrived. Similar to the flawless diamonds on the cover art, each remix is both incredibly unique yet deliciously familiar as each artist works their magical craft on the track creating an unforgettable musical experience. The release features 12 remixes ranging from beautiful progressive house to hard hitting electro house and trap. Among the remixers are Kill Paris, Bro Safari & UFO!, GTA and Nick Thayer(NEST exclusive) who help create a potent potion for this bewitching remix EP.

But that’s not all, Kill the Noise also included his own remix of his track “Thumps up (For Rock n’ Roll)” which competes fiercely to the original. Check it out below!

You can download the release here, or here.

Be sure to check out the check out the playlist below featuring the full stream of the Black Magic Remixes as well as the three NEST exclusives, which are only available via OWSLA’s subscription service. Click here to begin the subscription process if you want more perks like this!