Many may think that EDM and sobriety don’t mix what so ever. Erick Morillo feels otherwise. In June the marathon man DJ, Morillo known for long sets, ended his so called streak of sets cut short when leaving the stage at The Ocean Club in Marina City, Massachusetts. Recently Morillo came out to the press and explained that his disappearance was caused by a downward spiral which left him in a dark place emotionally and to his health. Morillo explained:

 “I realize now I have a very addictive personality and I can’t go half way, I’m two speeds; I’m off or I’m fully on. So I realize now that my answer is to be sober.”

That is the first step for many people, Morillo  isn’t the first DJ to publicly announce his sobriety, in 2009 Fatboy Slim entered rehab. Drug addiction and Alcoholism are very dangerous diseases. Most people think that going to EDM festivals or shows, being under the influence is something everyone does. I personally am sober, I got sober last August and still go to festivals, concerts, and clubs. I just don’t drink or do drugs anymore, at first it was uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but my love for EDM is unbelievable. Morillo getting sober shows his overwhelming love for this industry and we here at the Your EDM would like to wish him the best of luck down the road of sobriety and nothing but good health from now on.