This one goes out to all the heavy bass heads out there! We all enjoy Excisions yearly Shambhala mixes, which usually run for about an hour that features a huge variety of dirty, gritty tracks from various artists, that are certainly destined to make your neighbors hate you. I know for me, whenever one of his Shambhala mixes comes on it’s time to do some serious business, whatever that may be. Well it’s 2013 now and Excision is still pumping out his classic mix for all of us to enjoy; this year, the mix is accompanied by a lyrical music video! To paint a picture, have you ever been in the car trying to mimic your favorite EDM song with random noises and vowels? Well the music video is exactly that, an hour and 30 minutes of spelled out grunting sounds you would sing to yourself in the car.

If you are prone to epilepsy I urge you not to watch this video! If you’re not, watch in small increments!

Here’s the video: