Creamfields Beiruit 2013, organized in part by Creamfields as well as, has been cancelled as a result of recent travel warnings imposed by North American and Europe governments over that area. After consulting with various parties involved, and Creamfields decided to cancel the first installment of the 1 day event that was supposed to take place on September 9th.

Here is the full release by the organizers:

“Creamfields Beirut 2013: cancelation

Beirut, Friday Thursday 5th of September 2013

JK58 Statement: Creamfields Beirut 2013

It is with great regret that we have to inform our festival goers, sponsors and partners that the long awaited Creamfields beirut has had to be canceled.

The difficult decision to cancel was made in light of recently updated travel warnings from various governments in North America and Europe and followed by lengthy consultation between all parties involved in the organisation of this year’s festival.

JK58 is devastated by the news and the conclusion of these consultations.

JK58 is preparing a press conference for this afternoon to inform the press on detailed explanations that are due to their fans, partners, suppliers and official parties involved in the production of creamfields beirut 2013.

All current ticket holders should reach out to their original points of sales to claim their reimbursement.

Further information over cancelation, statements and refunds will be done later today.


Source: Creamfields & JK58