Figure is back with another onslaught of face-melting bass action with his aptly titled “Horns of he Apocalypse EP.” Since this marks Figure‘s first release on OWSLA, it comes no surprise that he went especially hard; Figure always goes hard, but this EP is on a different level! The EP starts out with a bang with “Beast Mode,” which might be the heaviest and most headbangable track I’ve heard all year; seriously, try not to headbang to this track, I dare you! Next up is “Eagle,” which has a bit of a glitch-hop vibe to it, but still goes incredibly hard. The third track of the release is “Super Sonic Brain Waves,” which is very reminiscent of some of the standout tracks from his Monsters of Drumstep series of releases. Next up is “War Call,” which is definitely the coolest and most innovative track on the EP; not many artists would ever think to take a filthy bassline and turn it into a Native American war call so big props to Figure on that one. Lastly is “Astro” featuring Nick Thayer, another one of OWSLA‘s brightest young stars. Thayer‘s influence is definitely strong is this track, which is has a funkier vibe than the rest of the EP, but it’s definitely heavy enough for Figure‘s standards and as you know that’s really saying something! The whole EP is fire, but “Beast Mode” and “War Call” are definitely the standout tracks. I’m really glad Figure decided to kick it up a notch for his debut release on OWSLA; this EP might just be the best one he’s ever released.