Have you ever wondered what the people at the top of the EDM industry talk about? Well Joel Zimmerman who is sometimes Deadmau5 (watch the video, you’ll understand then) shows us in his first episode of Coffee Run. Two days after Deadmau5 took us on his coffee run, he brought on a special guest, Zedd. While in Toronto for his Clarity Tour, Joel took the 24 year old superstar for some coffee (which Zedd has only had once). From the start it is non stop screwing with each other, mostly Joel messing with Zedd. They literally touch upon anything and everything from, both of their individual new music, upcoming projects, law breaking, Afrojack totaling sports cars, hip-hop, Avicii, to Zedd’s hard on for Joel’s Deadmau5  helmets,  you get the point. Deadmau5 does not give a care about anything, which is what makes this video so hysterical, he talks about the possibility of doing this with other DJs, and producers, taking them for coffee and doing an “interview”. Overall this video is amazing in my opinion, if you love Deadmau5, Zedd, Ferrari’s or Coffee, definitely take a peek at this video! Hopefully Coffee Run Episode 2 with happen sooner rather than later.

Check out the video below!