Thump, a Youtube channel that premiered earlier this year dedicated to EDM and its culture, has released the music video for Knife Party‘s track, LRAD. Taken off their Haunted House EP released earlier this year, the video for LRAD sets the stage for a type of political message referencing to the current privacy issues that are taking place in the United States. That being said, the video itself is pretty disappointing; while having the opportunity to have a deeper meaning and perhaps attempt a more respectful approach to certain political issues, it chose a safe path with a typical “LOL PRESIDENT IS ROBOT LOL CIRCLE JERK”. ┬áSure the quality of the video itself as well as graphical work is well done, it remains difficult to overlook the previously stated issue.

And the music itself doesn’t help. If you remove the “Knife Party” from the title, LRAD can be easily confused with another generic-Epic/Animals-wannabe producing artist that has long thrown away any attempts at unique ingenuity with their roots. Well, I guess that would be Knife Party, so maybe it’s a perfect match.

You be the judge:

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