Sebastian Ingrosso is no stranger to making popular music. It seems his talent for making commercial house hits has caught the eye of Britney Spears, who recruited him to help write her new single, “Work Bitch”. Also collaborating on the track is everyone’s favorite electronic music thief, Britney shared a picture on social media of the lyric sheet. Although the lyrics are blurred out she left the collaborators up top for the world to see. Also collaborating on the track is Otto Knows.

“Work Bitch” is the lead single off Britney’s new album and will be premiered on Monday.

UPDATE: Sebastian Ingrosso has tweeted that he did not, in fact, write Work Bitch. However, he did tell Billboard he had a hand in the track’s beginnings:

I’m good friends with…He called me up and said ‘I’m doing Britney’s new album, do you have any beats for me to write on?’

Ended up the beat selected was by Otto Jettman (Otto Knows), who Sebastian Ingrosso manages. He says he is very involved with the artists he manages and the mixup is understandable:

I manage two artists right now, Otto Knows and Alesso, and I’m always involved. I say to my artists, ‘You should do a little more like that, maybe do it more like this,’ that’s my job.