One of electronic music’s most talented individuals, Mat Zo, is getting ready to set out on tour. The tour will start in India at the end of September and he will make his way around the world to some of electronic dance music’s most hallowed grounds. Along with this announcement comes the tracklist for Damage Control, his first artist album which is due out November 5. The album will include both his #1 hit Easy and his very successful Pyramid Scheme along with many more. Check out the tracklist and tour dates below.

‘Damage Control’ Tracklist

01. Superman Lost

02. Only For You (feat. Rachel K. Collier)

03. Easy (feat. Porter Robinson)

04. Caller ID

05. Little Damage

06. Pyramid Scheme (feat. Chuck D)

07. The Sky (feat. Linnea Schossow)

08. Like It Used To Be

09. Time On Your Side (feat. Janai)

10. Moderate Stimulation

11. Lucid Dreams

12. EZ

13. Hurricane (feat. Eyes That Lie)

14. Fall Into Dreams (feat. Pete Josef)