The 24 year old Zedd continues to make headlines, whether it’s him producing a Hollywood soundtrack or just simply going on a coffee run with Deadmau5. Zedd’s is always being heard, just like his hit single Clarity. Many people are of the opinion that Zedd has gone “mainstream” but to Zedd that isn’t the case. In an interview with the Saint Louis Post- Dispatch, Zedd explained the love for his music and the reasoning behind the way he chooses to produce.

Zedd starts out by explaining his upcoming album Clarity(Deluxe Edition)

It was harder and harder to express what I wanted to express in a song that’s a matter of minutes, If you put out singles, the perception is that’s what the artist is about. But I don’t want to be categorized by one song. So the only solution was to make a full-length album to show everything I can be.”

He continues by talking about the trends of EDM and how he wants people to remember his music

“There’s so many trends — sounds that are super-cool one day and out the next, The way to do it is to set the focus on the music, the melody, the harmonies, the chord progressions, and to make the music immortal.”

Zedd continued with the process of choosing the vocal talent featured on his album

“I wasn’t necessarily looking for the best singer, But certain songs needed a certain texture. Not many singers have a voice like Ellie Goulding. She was my No. 1 choice, and it was super-cool to do the song with her(Fall Into The Sky).”

Towards the end of the interview he explains how Skrillex opened the doors to the industry for him from simply sending him a message of Myspace four years ago

We got in touch, and he connected me with everyone, He’s the one person who opened all the doors. We’ve been in touch ever since. And we’ve got the same management, lawyer and publicist. We’re one big family.”

Currently Zedd is on his Clarity Tour. Check out which city near you the 24 year old superstar will be hitting on Zedd’s Website!



Source: STL Today