Quickly transforming from struggling producer to leading Tech Trance juggernaut is the Middle Eastern wonder of MilamDo, or otherwise known by his moniker of Harmonic Rush. MilamDo has crafted a slew of hard hitting, no nonsense remixes throughout 2013, including his stellar remixes to Evo & Faveon‘s Chrome and Manuel Le Saux & Damian Wasse‘s Around Heaven. Through devastating basskick/snare utilizations and monstrously terrifying synth possibilities, his arena formatted sound is only rivaled by hard hitting Trance talents such as Photographer. His side project of Harmonic Rush has been going through a transformation of sorts, as he has been unleashing a slew of unreleased Psy Trance material through the Harmonic Rush name while incorporating more Psy elements into its own productions. Now after much time and deliberation, MilamDo has decided to drop his original name and focus on culminating the Harmonic Rush namesake into a violent Trance force to be reckoned with. After the success of his Middle Eastern saturated single of Dark Side Of Persia (which was released on Edge EDM Recordings), Harmonic Rush marks his first appearance on Monster Digital with his explosive single of We’re Ghosts. Combining Middle Eastern sensibilities and tough, relentless Tech Trance sounds, along with plenty of Psy influences, We’re Ghosts is a melting pot of styles that culminates into 100% class and quality.



Unlike many DJ’s who pull hearts from their hands or hands in the air, Harmonic Rush is a hard working producer who rolls up his sleeves and gets straight to work will full on, face crushing beats. Starting out with a basskick that causes windows to rumble and crack, he implements a pulsing, pounding bassline with smashing percussion and suspense building ostinatos. Psy drops are muttered in the distance as well as some faint acid experimentation through his elaborate sound textures. The breakdown heralds the full potential of acid, with some particular sinister lines snaking and slithering throughout the orchestration. Basslines break the tension with a brand new triplet format, which is heavily realized with the addition of storming tribal drums. What follows is fantastic utilization of rock guitar triplets in accordance with nasty acid lines, banging hi-hats and that beautiful flair of Middle Eastern flavor that gives the drop that unique identity all its own. Not satisfied by the vicious thrashing of the rock guitar triplets, Harmonic Rush changes direction yet again, building back into the 4/4 time signature with ominous vocal samples and heavy implementation of rising synth lines and increasingly frantic drums. With prisoners in tow, he jumps straight off a cliff with a no holds barred bassline coupled with savage basskicks and merciless musical torque that tells listeners to take a damn seat and watch as their heads explode on impact.

Harmonic Rush‘s brand new single, We’re Ghosts, is out now on the always quality Monster Digital label on Beatport, so head on over to pick up your copy today.


Keep the music alive. -Q