For this week, I was going to pull some real great Deep House from my personal collection, but then I came across a beautiful little gem through my research that I had to showcase to my readers. Around a month ago, I stumbled upon somewhat of an underground artist by the name of Biotones. Biotones has already been on the radar through his recent releases on Blue Soho Records and his attention to quality and manipulation of various musical auralspheres has brought his sound to an incredibly sophisticated level. Beginning in 2010, Biotones has been stealthily under the radar while honing in on his production skills and has really brought to light the entire concept of musical atmosphere. In case you were unaware, a musical atmosphere is the range of depth that a track contains within its own orchestration. Pop songs that are on the Top 40 are undoubtedly soulless and devoid of any real depth, which is why it is often seen as throwaway tracks to be long forgotten instead of a full, musically enriching experience. However, Biotones focuses on creating a vast cavern of sounds and textures within listeners’ minds and isn’t afraid to experiment and take risks in order to achieve new sounds and a deeper understanding of the music than ever before. While he has produced some brilliant Deep tracks in the past, his venture into Progressive Trance has brought forth a fantastic blending of Deep and Progressive with his remix to Matt Darey‘s leading album track, Lost At Sea.



Appropriately named for the Deep sounds of the sea the resides within the track, it starts with a sharp, yet relaxed array of Deep synths amidst blissful flowing pads and the beautifully haunting reverbed vocals of Ashley Tomberlin. The expansion of sounds with the minimalistic choice of expression is established with gusto as Biotones releases as much musical potential as possible within his networked connection of sounds. Already it has the sounds of the seas with plenty of room for the sounds to work off of, which also perfectly compliments the vocals. It transitions into some wonderful pads that really expand the soundscape to the point of breaking away from the shackles of four on the floor, allowing the expressive chords to flow peacefully through the listeners’ mind, (with perfect subtleties such as vocal stabs revolving around the ears and deep space blips to cement the tone even further). With mixing pads freely gliding along, a fantastic strumming guitar pairs with a simple piano before pulling into a somber Breakbeat section that gives off vibes of the highly acclaimed Inception soundtrack. The pads grow in size and intensity as ‘When you wait for me‘ is repeated to a pressure induced high. Finally, the release comes forth with intense white noise implementation and energy levels dropping back to the original format, which acts as a release of musical objects as they fall ever so slowly and gracefully towards the floor of its own musical boundaries.

Biotones‘ remix to Matt Darey‘s single, Lost At Sea, is out now on Arvas on Beatport. Make sure to snag this deliciously deep production today. Tune in next week on Sunrise Sessions where genre is a mystery and the sounds that accompany it are both experimental and full of innovation.


Keep the music alive. -Q




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