Anna Yvette who is known for her incredible vocals and being a unicorn, now is known for taking a stand and bringing awareness to the struggle some vocalists in the EDM industry go through. Before the events that transpired recently, Anna refused to denounce the producers who failed to remunerate her for her hard work, but after learning that MitiS was going to sue her for a bootleg she wanted to offer for free, the Unicorn decided to unleash her rage.

This is what the young vocalist had to say:

Unicorns are always nice and fair, we give, we try to bring joy to every situation, but when you try to SUE a UNICORN?!?! You’re gonna get the fucken HORN! I have remained quiet about the way SOME (not all) EDM Producers treat vocalists for a LONG time AND i have NEVER ONCE named names. I started off this day being so excited to finally bring awareness to this situation so we can start making a change together…. instead MitiS decided to threaten to sue me for putting up a vocal bootleg of his song “change will come” …. I was going to remain quiet on this issue, but this is just too much…. Mitis has NEVER PAID ME FOR A SINGLE VOCAL I HAVE DONE FOR HIM! I have done FOUR songs for him (only two of which have been officially released) , he has sampled my vocals in other songs that are for sale, he has NEVER paid me for my time EVER! Even though, he goes and tours and makes money playing shows and plays songs we’ve done together… In lieu of monetary compensation AND THE ONLY THING I HAVE EVER ASKED FOR from MitiS was to make the song “change will come” a fb like for a download when he posted it for free. I think that is EXTREMELY fair. This way I can get my social media numbers up so booking agents won’t laugh at me when I try to book shows… and he gets to put out a free song! Everybody wins right? Unfortunately, MitiS didn’t think the time and energy I spent writing and recording and mixing vocals for him was enough for a simple fb like for a download. Instead his response was that I was “ungrateful” and I should be happy with the “exposure” alone….. You can make your own judgements on this, I’m sure some of you have already seen this being played out on twitter…. I think the ENTIRE community as a whole should NOT stand for this type of behavior. EVERYONES energy and time should be appreciated and respected, and when there really isn’t much “money” to go around, your working relationships should ALWAYS be reciprocal. That being said, I want to end this post on a positive note, because thats what Unicorns DO! I love you all and I can not even begin to express how much your support means to me. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even be here making music. I hope I can continue to make the industry a better place for every up and coming producer, singer and artist out there. I hope you can all use my experience to learn and grow along with me and that you will all always treat each other with love and respect and take care of each other like true Unicorns  I know you will 


Source: Anna Yvette