This month, Ultra released their 2013 remixes for Satisfaction by Benny Benassi. Although everyone and their mother has heard some alteration of Satisfaction, Ultra still found it necessary to release a list of “new” remixes to the all time classic. However, not all is how it seems. The list of 6 remixes features a remix from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike that was not made in 2013 at all. After taking to Twitter, Like Mike explained that the remix is over a year old which means Ultra has simply been sitting on the remix to release at their pleasure. The danger with this is that the sound that embodies the remix is not relevant to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s current style and in fact, sets them back from where they are trying to go.

Like Mike isn’t the only one who has expressed frustration with Ultra as many will remember. Deadmau5 also had a bitter falling out with the brand that inhibited him from moving in the direction he wanted as a musician. In fact, since the end of his contract with Ultra, Deadmau5 has released a plethora of new music and continues to grow in his artistic direction of choice. The frustration with having a remix released over a year later is that back tracks on the progress you have made in the last year as an artist. Like anything else that grows, music and musical interests of artists change over time and new ideas and directions  take form that lead to new and exciting music. For Ultra to release a remix that is years old and brand it as a new 2013 remix, is a blatant lie and undermines the musical direction of the artist.

If you want to hear the remixes, you can check them out (HERE)