LTN is a fascinating Progressive and Progressive Trance producer who seems to bask in the limelight just as much as he lingers in the shadows. Often shrouded in mystery, he occasionally creates a jaw dropping production that recieves high recognition from peers and artists alike before slinking back to obscurity. LTN is an Indonesian producer who only started three years ago, but has since made a huge leap of improvement in both his DJ sets and productions. Now situated in Melbourne, Australia, his close knit ties with local producers as well as competing in DJ competitions have propelled him towards the big, international leagues with heavy praise from countless artists such as Myon & Shane54, Solarstone and Ronski Speed. LTN is credited for creating the highly iconic singles of Ordinary People and City Of Lights as well as his superb remixes to EDU‘s You And Me and Andy Moor‘s Love Again. After his gorgeous Stop The Time/Show Me Heaven double EP on Enhanced Progressive, he is back with a new original production entitled A Path To Nowhere. Featuring his signature sounds and chord progressions, it is a wondrous journey through emotional pathways that’s only visible through his elegant, musical expressions.



LTN- A Path To Nowhere (Original Mix)



LTN starts his own production with a fantastic display of Progressive fortitude, complete with warm, rolling basslines, mint percussion section and cascading Progressive synths. Some neat subtleties include a multitude of harmonic structures to not only fill out the musical potential to its fullest weight, but to also provide complex, interlocking interludes to implement drama and timbral variety. He beautifully transitions into a deep, weighted breakdown with soft, caressing string pads carrying emotionally engaging chordal structures which sets a marvelous tone to build upon. As the calm string pads emerge from the murky depths of musical space, a serene, contrasting B-melody pulls in for an enticing conversation between the two before a lovely upwards motif fishes us out of the musical void. Indirect, muted basskicks offset clipped melodic stabs as the sounds continue to evolve with additional Progressive motifs. Finally, it pulls into a highly iconic melody that seems to resonate deep within our minds as its declarative, pronounced message rings throughout the vast expanses that LTN has meticulously created. The addition of two other melodic lines begin to weave in and out of the main melody as the flurry of graceful sounds provide a fantastic clashing of swords within their majestic dances of elegance.



LTN- A Path To Nowhere (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)



Progressive House master Jerome Isma-Ae has been at the forefront of the dance scene and his supreme mastery of technical aptitude has culminated in being one of the highest sought producers in the world. His unique brand of Progressive House is unlike anything that has been created before and his visionary, forward facing pieces have provided truly stunning sound possibilities and textures. This year alone, he has completed such feats as his massively successful collaboration with Alex M.O.R.P.H. on Bang! and his recent team ups with Max Freegrant, Sebastian Kreig and upcoming Progressive Trance producer, Ilan Bluestone. In Isma-Ae‘s version, he hooks the Original out of its soft barriers into a more pronounced and energy driven track, all while maintaining the delicate nature of his unique productions. His signature snares and percussive synths provide full forced power towards the mix while attentively keeping his iconic minimalism in check. Keeping the melody in tact, he instead adds some punch through the melodic stabs while introducing tribal congas and swirling white noise implementation. Adding some extra force for more peak time oriented moments, Jerome adds a refreshing burst of percussive strength to the melody to drive the piece towards different avenues that the Original had no access to. With additional radio support from Above & Beyond, it is a class mix that brings together different musical styles through perfect harmony.



The Original and Jerome Isma-Ae mixes of LTN‘s A Path To Nowhere is out now on Arrival on Beatport, so make sure you nab a copy of both pieces today.


Keep the music alive. -Q