Continually pushing the envelope of quality drive Progressive Trance music is none other than upcoming producer G-Tek. Hailing from the unusual country of Panama, his musical journey began in the late 90’s with some of his earliest influences of Depeche Mode, Josh Wink and Robert Miles. Since that time, he has delved into discovering the pure mechanics of computerized sound, often spending countless hours into learning the mathematics behind each and every sound he came across. This has resulted in new sound realizations, experimental timbral possibilities and has culminated into some of the cleanest and tight knit productions that we here at Your EDM have heard in a long time. His expertly precise sound, (along with concrete orchestration techniques), have made him a technical producer by trade and his class Originals and remixes have finally been getting the exposure that they deserve. He has been recognized by some of the highest talents in Progressive such as Ad Brown and Jaytech through his crisp and pioneering productions. After his fantastic remix of Dawn & Digital Sixable‘s single, Solitude, he returns to remix duties with a wicked interpretation of Nigel Good‘s upcoming single, This Is You. Featuring the lovely vocals of Sarah Clark, the combination between traditional Prog and the new emerging sound of Tech Progressive provides new sound paths for us to unearth.



Starting out with highly futuristic basslines, G-Tek takes the tried and tested route of musical pointillism that many of his contemporaries have created before. However, his expertly connected parts, (in addition to the stunningly clean sound that each instrument has), creates a highly interesting and unusual range of tones/lengths that provides a fresh, colorful sense of feel and direction. The breakdown casts all the instruments down through mint filters as the elegant vocals of Sarah Clark flow through. Floating, underwater pads combine with deep sea ostinatos and vocal timbres before locking into rhythmic order with the return of the mechanical bassline. Adding in some pronounced harmonic statements and wicked vocal chops, the main hook once again pulls through with some much needed timbral accompaniment. G-Tek‘s orchestration is clearly evident through eccentric arrangement selections and an eclectic mashup of different styles that coarse throughout the piece’s body. However, he is able to control and contain the massive amount of different sounds under one concise direction and is able to keep true to the genre of Progressive while continuously pushing the boundaries towards its bending seams.

G-Tek‘s remix of Nigel Good‘s single, This Is You, will be available tomorrow on Arrival Recordings on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this class release today. Make sure to also check out the Original and the Blood Groove & Kikis mixes as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q