Bassnectar and his bassheads recently donated $100,000 from the “Bass Bank” aiding three charities that seek to foster and cultivate empowered and informed humans around the world. Funding the donation with his “Dollar Per Bass Head” concept, Lorin has donated one dollar of every purchased Bassnectar ticket to the charity, Air Traffic Control, a nonprofit centered around empowering musicians to utilize their art to positively contribute to society.  In addition to this donation, once the ‘Bass Bank’ hits $50,000 dollars, Lorin takes things one step further by selecting organizations that provide aid to improve areas such as education and communal wellbeing around the world. Once selected, bassheads and fans alike are able to jump over to and vote for their favorite charity. The winning charity receives $25,000, second place receives $15,000 and third place receives $10,000. This years’ winners were the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Contact USAA gesture of this magnitude is honestly remarkable and it just goes to further illustrate the incredible musician and humanitarian Lorin Ashton truly is.

[H/T]: WRR