Jahan from Krewella is back with with another blog post on their Tumblr, this time addressing “The Art of Getting Wet.” The post offers some insight into the Krew‘s f*ck-everything-but-music attitude, their love affair with their incredibly passionate and dedicated krew, the true meaning behind some of the songs from their debut album, and what “Getting Wet” is really all about. She even takes the time to address the concept of ‘selling out,’ because according to Jahan, “uninformed music consumers use this term loosely, but truly do not understand what it means.” Read what Jahan had to say below and you be the judge yourself!

With the help of our amazing fans, our managers Jake Udell and Nathan Lim of TH3RD BRAIN MGMT, our agents at AM Only, Miles Evert the producer of KREWLIFE series, the blog community, colleagues at radio, and support from our label, the record the three of us wrote and produced in our Chicago meat district apartment on New Years Eve 2011 was on the rise earlier this year. ‘Alive’ was responsible for our international growth and entrance into the mainstream realm several months after the Play Hard EP release. As it was our first time receiving commercial spotlight, we noticed shift in a handful of our fans, claiming they felt betrayal and that we were becoming too ‘popular’ and that we ‘sold out.’  It’s extremely important to me to address this concept of ‘selling out,’ because uninformed music consumers use this term loosely, but truly do not understand what it means. We don’t belong in the old game where the so-called ‘machine’ feeds a pop-star puppet to a mainstream audience.

When Columbia Records discovered us in Winter 2012, we already had a fully executed yet unreleased Play Hard EP, and a budding online presence. We didn’t need to follow a star-making model because we created ourselves. We had music, artistic vision, image- an entire brand that had we had been marinating. What was going to take our project to the next level was a magnifying glass over our work to share with millions more, and capital to reinvest into the art. Whether we have aligned with an agency, label, or brand, it shouldn’t matter if we have accepted these opportunities because they only further enable us to focus on the creation of music while they provide a support system so we can survive as full-time artists. Commercial licensing and brand sponsorships are ways for an artist to financially support themselves in the modern music landscape as record sales are low and file-sharing is high. Appearances on MTV or product endorsement shouldn’t lead fans to question artists’ authenticity, and the reality is that it has no affect on the music we create.

What affects the music we create is you guys, our krew. The tattoos, pictures, stories, tweets, letters, and shows we experience together formed the ‘Get Wet’ album. You guys are the inspiration behind the story we are telling about the past couple years of our lives touring the world. Seeing the way our krew communicates with us on social media and in the physical realm made us realize that our music stands for so much more than a party song. And these experiences we’ve shared together made the writing for ‘Get Wet’ more colorful and truthful than ever before.

Each song on ‘Get Wet’ serves a different purpose for the emotional, multi-dimensional music listener. ‘Live for the Night’ is your party jam. ‘Dancing with the Devil’ is your fierce response to haters (‘If we die, then who will be your enemy? So shut the fuck up we’re about to leave a legacy”). ’Human’ sympathizes for the misunderstood, sad, and lonely (They say pain is an illusion, you are just confused, and this is just a bruise, but I am only human).  ’We Go Down’ is the rage anthem that unites the reckless little misfits (we are giants we are bigger than the monster, every second we are taking back the power, on a run till we get a fucking answer, try to hold us down but we’re only getting stronger).

We are turning the page in an era of Dj over-saturation and redundancy. We are bringing the rock to the rave. This is rock n’ rave baby!It’s not about looking pretty, being safe and feeling clean. ‘Get Wet’ is about losing your inhibitions and dancing, taking risks, embracing your fucked up, crazy side, and enjoying the ride that we are all on together. We hope ‘Get Wet’ will make adults feel youthful and kids feel empowered. It is a shoulder to lean on. It will tell the story of your lives when you can’t put your emotions into words. We’ve carefully crafted every lyric, instrumentation, song order, and nurtured this album like it’s our new born baby. And this baby is soaking wet and ready to jizz all over trolls around the globe.