Grammy nominated producer BT took his opinions on ‘Personal Accountability’ to Twitter earlier today. This long winded string of tweets was inspired by BT hearing someone talk about their mother’s past.

In this string of tweets there are some powerful messages to be heard. Here are a few powerful quotes from BT’s Twitter:

When you are personally accountable for your actions you get out of the passenger seat of life and into the drivers seat. You’re in charge.

This quote really is important to take in, because the only person who can make a possitive change in your life is yourself.

Another quote from BT in this series of tweets is how he ended his whole “Rant”:

Life is not “happening” to you. YOU are “happening” to life. That is all. Happy Sunday.

This is very important to remember, because yes there may be things that are rough, but in the end of the day you have the power to decide how it will affect you.

Take a look at the series of tweets in it’s entirety below and let us know what you think: