Just over a month ago Armada Music announced the partnership with Wake Your Mind Records, a new label spearheaded by super-duo Cosmic Gate. For a more than a decade Cosmic Gate has produced high level tracks and put together some of the best sets available for download. Their new label is an exciting step for the two as they move forward and we will all benefit from another artist driven label focused on expanding interests. On the day of the announcement, Armin Van Buuren premiered the track on his radio show, A State of Trance. Since then the track has been floating around in sets, but few, if any downloads surfaced too early.

To set the proper tone Cosmic Gate released “So Get Up” as the first track on Wake Your Mind Records two weeks ago, on September 23rd. If you haven’t already listened, it’s an infectious track that covers a range of styles and approaches different segments with various techniques. So Get Up¬†utilizes trance, electro, and some awesome progressive synths to not only make you dance, but provide a bit of a social message. The lyrics are not the commonly overdone ballad we hear so often today, but instead quite basic, almost monotone, directing your mind to focus on the message and most importantly the music.

Finally, as of today, the track is available for purchase on iTunes, ready to land on that favorite playlist. Support artist labels and Wake Your Mind Records’¬†first release, as we anxiously await to see what the future of the label will bring to electronic music.