One of the hottest Deep House artists of 2013 just keeps on getting better and better with every single new release. The Japanese talent that is Kiwamu has been making shockwaves throughout the international community through his beautifully dark, atmospheric tracks and his masterful sound production. Beginning in 2010, Kiwamu has been making steady advancements to his career from the help of the iconic Otographic Music label and is now on the cusp of gaining international status with new releases on European and North American labels. Supported by exceptionally high level producers as Solarstone and Airwave, his unique, atmospheric tracks have been finding their way through many sets that focus on the journey through music. Kiwamu now finds his way to Canada and into the arms of the fantastic Nueva Digital label with an exceptional remix to Positive Addiction‘s newest single, Bittersweet. With a fresh perspective on musical ideas, (due to the different influences that Japan has to offer) and stellar sound design, it is another home run that is perfect for any type of listening.



Foggy pads and sweeping mysteries cascade over pristine percussion and glimmering synths before white noise rapids rush over the intricate sounds and climaxes with a female vocals stating, ‘you know it’s true‘. The sudden drop of percussion and pads makes way for a gorgeously deep bassline working in tandem with a nice, loungey synth line to allow more room for the piece to grow. Only one word can be used to describe this perfect combination of sounds: sexy. As the seductive line continues through, vocal stabs, cool percussion and growing sounds flit throughout the soundscape. The extra presence of reverb throughout the accompaniment, (while usually a distraction), only seeks to increase Kiwamu‘s intense atmosphere and to artfully paint a large, detailed and organic picture in your head; one that is filled with many colors and intricacies. (Ed Note: the high hats are especially juicy when they come in). The breakdown only exemplifies this notion as it breaks away from the confines of four to the floor and allows itself to drift along, unabated, throughout the myriad of space and time, (with the addition of a fat bassline as well). Kiwamu‘s fantastic utilization of small subtleties and perfect orchestration makes this a highly advanced piece of music that not only can the music analysts can appreciate, but also for the casual listener to become lost within the deep confines of their heads as they blissfully dance without a thought or care in the world.

Kiwamu‘s remix of Positive Addiction‘s brand new single, Bittersweet, is out now on Nueva Deep via Beatport, so make sure you support new talent by purchasing this fantastic cut today.


Keep the music alive. -Q