European duo Koan Sound have been killing the game in regards to their funk infused glitch hop style of production in the past years. The super aggressive and in your face style that Koan has worked so hard to turn into their iconic identifier is now being transformed. Keeping the brilliantly sequenced drum loops as well as their signature soaking wet grimy bass growls, Koan Sound puts an elegant touch onto their forth coming EP “Sanctuary“. I struggle with labeling this EP with a genre and when I told a friend of mine about it he said it was, “beautiful bass music”, which I thought was brilliant!

I’ve watched Koan throughout the years adapt from their chopped and screwed glitch hop style, which is initially what caught my attention, to this new face that once I heard the first preview of what was to come with the remix of Green & Blue off of the Halo 4 soundtrack I remember thinking that they were heading in a new direction, sure enough, we present you their “Sanctuary” EP! The five track EP is breaking new ground for the pair as well as for Asa who is featured and had a hand in co-producing the EP. Although the album has not been released here in the United States yet, it is up on Koan Sound’s Soundcloud page which you can view below.



-Chris Wood-