The collaboration between two of the most heavy hitting, heart racing and head bangin’ musicians has yielded quite the magnificent release. While a certain loop of Try It Out made its way to the Call of Duty franchise as a “puzzle” reward, this time it’s the real deal. Featuring 3 different mixes of Try it Out, each with their own level of amazing energy, production and emotion, and amongst these three, the Try Harder Mix proves to be the fan favorite. With the Neon Mix receiving it’s own Music Video release, and the Put Em Up Mix seeming to be a mash up of Alvin Risk‘s Put Em up from his Junk Food EP, the Try It Out “Ep” is wonderfully welcomed by fans of Skrillex & Alvin Risk as well as Dubstep lovers everywhere.

You can get your hands on a copy here, and be sure to stream the releases down below. Much love.