Unknown to many, DSK CHK is not your every other Disk Jockey. Using the guy fawkes mask, he keeps his identity secret. His first Beatport release is a remix on Ayah Marar‘s track, “Beg Borrow Steal.” Using the original vocals and adding his own style of house, DSK CHK really displays his quality production skills.

According to a short bio, DSK CHK has not revealed his face to the electronic music world. He supports “spreading unity through musical anonymity,” which is a really unique concept. DSK CHK wanted to start a movement where he could combine live DJing with a performance for his audience. As a result, the Fantasia 360 happened. He uses a combination of live performers, with his mixing skills, to give the crowd a greater concert experience. He remains anonymous to keep the focus on his music. He doesn’t want to create a brand name, based on an idol. Rather, he wants to promote music for what it really is: emotion.

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