Due to the constant pressure of mainstream ideologies in EDM, there seems to be the solid notion that expelling the biggest amount of energy without any effort towards a build up are accepted as the best tracks that are readily available. However, the art of constructing stories and drama throughout sets are only known to those that reside in the underground, (with Eric Prydz as the only exception that readily comes to mind). But beyond a set, the individual tracks of a DJ make up the lost art of musical journeys and I have found that tracks that weave a story in their own fashion become some of the most memorable, (and iconic), pieces to remember throughout the years. With the constant bombardment of throwaway tracks being pushed into our faces all the time, it is no wonder why tracks that are only years old cannot cope with the classics that have existed for decades. We then turn to a highly cunning and clever producer whose deep Trance productions have surprisingly been stowed under the radar. We first covered Michael Tsukerman with his fantastic free single of Bernard’s Loop and his unusual directionality tactics towards atmospheric pads and confident orchestration procedures make him a talent that is intrinsically special and revolutionary within the quality of Trance as a whole. In his remix to Ashley Wallbridge‘s 2011 single, Vision, he manages to split up the track into separate story arcs and manages to craft mystery, suspense and overwhelming emotional highs throughout his detailed timbres and chord progressions.



Dark and proggy is the name of the game, but rather than cast a menacing shadow over the mix, Tsukerman has managed to keep things wrapped in a subdued layer of sophistication and elegance. The entire remix is a formulated mixture between the technical prowess of Jerome Isma-Ae and the incredible expansive abilities of Guy J as it manages to stay organic, yet purposefully calculated in a delicious clash of opposing forces. Vision starts with minimalistic bass synth lines underneath a simple bassline as it provides an excellent backdrop to allow each extra instrument provide more textures than before. Hi-hats have a fantastic crispness to them and the snares contain that extra oomph of snappy response as his ability to break the industrial complex of sounds and adding that extra dimension of character is flawless in design. After moving through the cool Progressive section, he transitions into the emotional second arc with an absolutely gorgeous guitar line that serves as a splash of refreshing water through the nocturnal sounds of before. The addition of fresh percussion, underlying bass quips and secondary melodic synths, (along with some amazing flute harmonics), really showcase the mindblowing orchestration that Tsukerman is able to manipulate at his whim. Finally, we enter the last arc with a sudden increase of speed and power as a flurry of rising synths and atmospheric pads come towards a single, static point of immense strength and force. The sudden rush of pads finally escaping this point explodes onto the main theme of the piece, but also creates an entirely new variable of musical expression as it molds itself into a whirling force of expansive pressure and brutal compression of the mind; almost to the point of total sensory override.

Michael Tsukerman‘s remix of Ashley Wallbridge‘s single, Vision, is now available on AVA Recordings on Beatport, so make sure you grab this stellar mix for your Sunday morning. Also, check out the incredible Original mix for some true 2011 Trance!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/vision-michael-tsukerman-remix/3099855


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