Mad Decent definitely has the Midas Touch and they’ve managed to strike even more gold by fostering a relationship with an up and coming “superstar” in Djemba Djemba.

Djemba has teamed up with London Future to produce this recent trap banger featuring Ifa Sayo. This track features an incredibly catchy beat with stellar vocals that will only leave you wanting more. Check out what Mad Decent had to say about it:

Djemba Djemba is the future superstar of Mad Decent! He may be part of worldwide beat collectives and other things but we hang out with him everyday IRL, so our mutual love can never be matched. He’s teamed up with London Future, the 21 year old visual and audio artist wizard on this track that enters your mind and fully activates your limbic lobe. “Look at me now” is Djemba and London doing what they do best, providing strong vibes through banged out next level production. Simple huge production with a strong vocal, game over.

My limbic lobe is currently 100% activated.

Be sure to snag this free download from the link below and enjoy the vibes!