October 29th is the day that Linkin Park‘s album RECHARGED will be released, which features French electronic group Dirtyphonics remix of “Lies Greed Misery,” along with many other remixes. UKF uploaded the remix today to tide everyone over until the album is actually available for purchase.

The group of French bass heads took the original and kept the heavy hip-hop influence, however only for the duration of the intro. They almost make you think that some sort of dubstep/trap hybrid will drop, but that influence dies away at the beginning of the breakdown to the build, where you end up getting slapped with some heavy drum n bass! The bass and screaming leads that ensue fully embody the title and mood of the original. The wet basslines are top notch, which is no surprise with Dirtyphonics abilities to design sounds incredibly. The second drop is in cut/half time, but goes in just as hard!