Whether you love or hate him, David Guetta, among other iconic DJs, is known for showing love to his audience through the “Hand-Heart” gesture, a gesture that Google just announced they intend to patent. You might be thinking…wtf google, but the company actually has a very interesting idea on their hands (no pun intended). The gesture would potentially work with google glass, allowing users to ‘heart’ things in real life. Pretty cool, huh?

Essentially the gesture would allow you to isolate something important that is visible to both the ‘head-mounted display’ (ie google glass possibly, although it is never mentioned in the patent itself) and yourself, of course. Check out this figure:



As you can see above, the gesture allows you to signify what is important and from there the possibilities are limitless for what you could do with the selected area. I personally am a huge fan of this idea and would love to see it actually implemented! Check out the full patent here. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, I believe this could offer some really awesome uses at festivals, especially considering artists like Morgan Page and Nicky Romero have already begun using google glass on stage to film their shows.

[Source The Independent]