Breaking News: Bad things can happen if you piss off your audio engineer by refusing to pay his bill, also apparently ‘hardcore’ bands still are a thing…

Altitudes a Californian ‘Hardcore’ band made a terrible, terrible mistake when they decided not to pay Dan’s Lab Studio in Long Beach for recording services. Thankfully Dan (who I assume owns Dan’s Lab) reacted reasonably, creating an absolutely hysterical ‘EDM’ remix of Altitudes‘ god awful travesty of a song.

Every single cliche dating back to when Myspace and being a scene kid was cool, (circa 2005) makes an appearance in a song that is as ball crushingly awful as the band’s skinny jeans. Add some “sweet” Go-Pro footage, horrible attempts at growl swinging, colorless footage of skateboarding (why?), cook with the resentment of a burned audio engineer’s EDM remix for two minutes and fifty one seconds, and serve on a youtube platter of shame for the entire internet to enjoy.

Congratulations Altitudes, you’ve ordered your own five course meal of internet embarrassment. All that’s missing is a generous dashing of the deliciously salty tears of angsty teenage scene kids, judging by the lyrics of the song, they have more than enough to go around.

Check out Dan‘s acidy ‘EDM’ remix below. But before you get any ideas, let’s agree to not make ‘Hardcore EDM’ a thing. Please.