With “Wake Me Up” earning its position as one of the fastest selling singles in the UK, Avicii has made strides for EDM by topping charts not just among other EDM tracks, but within the music industry as a whole. Despite standing behind his monumental success, the Swedish producer-DJ projected his candid thoughts on EDM and even admitted to being insecure, all captured in an interview with The Guardian.

Avicii showed disheartened sentiments around originality and EDM, saying that EDM “is just getting milked… [and] loses touch with what music really is. It’s gotten to a point where everything sounds the same.” He also projected fear with money becoming the main driver over the artistry and mentioned the difference between the clubbing scenes in Vegas and Ibiza, stating that “Ibiza is about passion for music, Vegas doesn’t feel real. It’s a product.”

Upon the topic of the controversial Ultra set, Avicii opened up on how he felt towards the crowd’s reaction: “I knew it was going to be a shock. All they see is country and house music. They think, ‘Country? That’s old people.’ I knew it was going to be like that. It freaked me out when I got a bad reaction to the song, though, I must admit.” But he still stood by his music and expressed his desire to provoke people, rather than rewriting an old song to make a hit.

Avicii’s daring approach to explore new sounds and cross genres has resulted in collaborations with some big names, including Incubus’s Mike Einzinger and Nile Rodgers. Yet the young star surprisingly lacks pride, saying “I am so insecure… I always thought people would not be interested in working with me. Why would they want to?”

It’s eye-opening to hear such honest statements from someone who has accomplished so much through his music, and The Guardian author aptly describes him as an “emo superstar DJ” who doesn’t seem to be indulging in his multi-million dollar success.

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